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Why only 1% of coffee cups in the UK are recycled

by SiccupsUK LTD |

Hubbub Foundation - Published on 13 Jan 2017

As SICcups Distributors, we are here to help!  Get your discount schemes going from Starbucks, Costa, Nero and/or your local coffee shop.  Get your Barista to smile with your unique and colourful SICcup in hand to be served with your favourite drink.  From an iced cold smoothie, to a piping hot coffee, our cups are designed to keep them thermally insulated which in turns keeps your drink fresh for longer.  Not only your are being environmentally conscious, but also you get to have your personal cup protected by our Lifetime Warranty.  Come and get your colour today!

Hubbub Foundation - Published on 17 Apr 2017