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Why you need SICCUPSUK?

by Fredy Dellis |

Let's start using SICCUPS and save the planet while saving your pennies.

SIC Cup Hike with 27oz Bottle

by SiccupsUK LTD |

While out on a hike on a sunny day with your family and friends, the SIC Bottle is for sure going to be a great companion.

SIC Cups at the Lake with friends

by Fredy Dellis |

On a nice sunny day, get onto a boat and hang out with your buddies.  Enjoying the amazing scenery having your favourite drink chilled in your cup.

Retailer video, introducing our products.

by SiccupsUK LTD |

This is an introductory video for our retailers to be. A quick summary of our products, the value these amazing cups deliver, the great durability and 100% Lifetime warranty with industry leading Hot/Cold performance.

Introducing the 12oz Cup

by SiccupsUK LTD |

Good news!! A new 12oz cup has been introduced in our product line-up complementing our 20oz and 30oz cups. 

Out for a drive

by SiccupsUK LTD |

Out for a drive with your SIC cup, it is as easy as 1,2,3... and you got a fresh drink with you.

Physical Product Case Study: How two guys are competing with Yeti

by SiccupsUK LTD |

I’m noticing there’s a revolution happening in online entrepreneurship. It’s happening with physical goods the same way it happened with companies like Airbnb before anyone even realized it was a revolution.

Refreshing Workout

by SiccupsUK LTD |

When you are on the go, and you want to enjoy a fresh drink while you workout, the SIC Bottle will deliver every time.

Coffee in the morning

by SiccupsUK LTD |

Our 12oz SIC cup in action in the morning, taking on a fresh brew, keeping it fresh while getting to work.

Disposable coffee cup tax proposed by Liberal Democrats

by SiccupsUK LTD |

Coffee drinkers would be hit with a five pence disposable cup tax under plans unveiled by the Liberal Democrats. The party wants to introduce the levy as part of a bid to replicate the success of the plastic bag charge to cut down on the 2.5 billion ...

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